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An outdoor installation that involves four players in a game.

Basic rules and instructions are provided. Each chess piece is also a stamp in itself, with ‘letters’ that are invented and non-existent. Players are invited to make their marks on paper on the board and to invent their own rules.

The game includes the following items:

- 12 chess pieces with letters/characters
- 1 blank chess piece
- 4 stamp pads
- paper with grids
- 1 handsewn jacket in traditional Miao Chinese style
- 1 timer
- 1 game-board

At the end of the installation, the played sheets of paper will be collected and compiled into a book, a book of nonsensical poetry. 2018-12-07 at 1_39_28 PM.png 2018-12-07 at 1_39_18 PM.png