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Since the beginning of the quarantine, I have been hand stitching meditatively on this quilt.

Like the wooden carvings, there are chinese characters, cantonese slang in seal script, on the quilt. 

On the top, there is written 倒掛臘鴨 (roast goose hanging upside down)

...and at the bottom 把口浪過油 (rinsing mouth with oil).

There are elements of English quilting in the borders and the patterns, juxtaposing the chinese characters.

In addition to the western elements on the decorative areas, I have also incorporated my cyanotype printed drawings into some sections.

These cyanotype drawings have also made their way into other objects:
- Reversible bag
- Face masks (with filters)

I have made these for family and friends that are far away, and have mailed them out the past few weeks.
I made over 100 now.
I am now waiting for them to all send me a selfie so I can make a collage of everyone wearing my mask.

After using my own mask regularly, I notice my cyanotype prints fade more and more after each wash. I wonder if it will become white one day. Perhaps when the virus ends. I think it will be a nice way to mark the end of our quarantine. A face mask that ages with us. A mask that started out as a piece of art, and ends up as nothing.