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"Everything important that I have done can be put into a little suitcase." Marcel Duchamp, 1952

My life is scattered across many cities, and transporting my work has always been a difficulty. I suppose that is why I am always drawn to small things, and to making small things, as they are intimate, and can be transported easily.

I've heard about this artist who puts all his work into a single suitcase and unpacks it to reveal a whole exhibition.
My mind also goes to the work of Franz Erhard Walther, whose works fold and unfold, transforming space and object and sculpture.

These days, I look at the plants in my home and wonder at how the leaves unfurl, and unfold themselves to claim space. Sometimes it takes days, and sometimes weeks. I try to be patient with myself like with my plants as well. Work doesn't just appear overnight.

I want to be bolder in claiming my own space, in the confinements that we are all in now, through making miniatures. Perhaps they will take their home in a doll's house in the future.

* I also revisited my Po Kit Pill box, and made an identical one, much much smaller, the size of my pinky fingernail.